Latest stable release with recent enhancements

Today's release on the stable branch of Opera Dragonfly includes many of the recent enhancements and fixes from our experimental builds.

Apart from a boatload of small tweaks and bug fixes, some of the top new features and additions include:

  • CSS shorthands in the Style Inspector, which removes a lot of the redundancy of having all expanded and default styles being listed A set of CSS rules shown in the style panel as a shorthand
  • JavaScript runtime errors shown directly as a tooltip in the Script panel, rather than just in the Error panel A JavaScript runtime error shown directly in the script's source code as an error tooltip
  • More dynamic JavaScript value inspection with a powerful tooltip that now also allows for function evaluation Function evaluation showing the result in the tooltip
  • Improved script selection dropdown, with filtering and improved keyboard support Script selection dropdown
  • The style panel now also allows you to use your preferred color format (Hex, RGB or HSL), which can be changed in Settings → Documents → Styles Changing the preferred color format in  Settings → Documents → Styles

These features have been in our experimental builds for a while now, so we're very pleased to now unleash them on our stable release branch. As ever, we welcome our users' feedback and suggestions. Enjoy!

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