Opera TV Emulator User Guide

by Patrick H. Lauke in Tv

The Opera TV Emulator allows web developer to test HTML5 and CE-HTML content for TVs and other appliances running the Opera Devices SDK, as well as HTML-based applications for the Opera TV Store. It comes packaged as an Oracle VirtualBox image and can be run on Windows, Mac and Linux.

Opera Mobile Emulator Build With Experimental WebKit Prefix Support

by Bruce Lawson in Articles

Through our site compatibility work, we have experienced that many site authors only use -webkit- prefixed CSS, thereby ignoring other vendor prefixes and not even including an unprefixed equivalent. This leads to a reduced user experience on non-WebKit browsers, as they don’t receive the same shiny effects, even although they support them. To tackle this problem, we are releasing an experimental Opera Mobile Emulator build with experimental support for selected -webkit- prefixes.

Opera TV Emulator: Getting Started

by DevRel Team in Tv

This article goes through the installation process of the Opera TV Emulator, and covers basic usage with keyboard and mouse as well as via the web remote. It also touches on the various media formats that are supported by default and explains how to install the H.264 decoder.

Creating Web Content for TV

by Patrick H. Lauke in Tv

This guide is aimed at web developers wishing to optimize their web sites and applications for better compatibility with web-enabled/connected televisions, with a particular emphasis on the Opera Device SDK and its functionality.

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