HTTP: Response Codes

by Karl Dubost in Articles

This article takes you in detail through HTTP response codes: how they work, what their purpose is, and what the most common ones mean.

HTTP: Let’s GET It On!

by Karl Dubost in Articles

The second part of a series of HTTP tutorials written by Karl Dubost. This article explores how HTTP is used to communicate between clients and servers.

HTTP — an Application-Level Protocol

by Karl Dubost in Articles

This is the first of a series of articles to teach HTTP basics, and how we can use it more effectively. In this article we will look at where HTTP cog fits in the Internet machine. HTTP is an application-level protocol on top of the TCP/IP, a communication protocol.

Adding Meaning to Your HTTP Error Pages!

by Stuart Colville in Articles

The default HTTP error pages served up by a web server such as Apache will not be very helpful to your site’s visitors, should they ever be unlucky enough to stray across them. In this article, Stuart Colville shows you how to add custom error pages to your web site, and design them so that they draw your site visitors back into your site, for example to related articles.

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