Box-decoration-break: slice

No border and no padding are inserted at the break. No box-shadow is drawn at the broken edge; border-radius has no effect at its corners; and the border-image is rendered for the whole box as if it were unbroken. The effect is as though the element were rendered with no break present, and then sliced by the break afterward.

Box-decoration-break: clone

Each box is independently wrapped with the border and padding. The border-radius and border-image and box-shadow, if any, are applied to each box independently. The background is drawn independently in each box of the element. A no-repeat background image will thus be rendered once in each box of the element.

See the Dev.Opera article CSS3 borders, backgrounds and boxes for more information on box-decoration-break and other CSS3 Backgrounds and Borders properties. If the demos above do not work correctly in your browser it is likely that box-decoration-break is not supported. If not try with the latest version of Opera.