Holiday in Sydney

Gabriel in Sydney Harbour

This is a picture of my son Gabriel, standing on a jetty in Sydney Harbour, Australia. We loved taking the ferries around the harbour and seeing all the sights!

Elva eating really messily in Manly near Sydney

We also visited Manly, a lovely seaside area in the north of Sydney. After a nice day at the beach, building sandcastles and digging holes, we went for some dinner on the promenade, and my daughter Elva got very messy with her spaghetti bolognese!

Kirsty and Elva enjoying a ride in Luna Park, Sydney

Luna Park is a somewhat cheesy but very good fun traditional style old time funfair, with dodgems, carousels, ferris wheel, and more. This picture shows Elva and my beautiful other half, Kirsty.

Gabriel standing just outside Luna Park, Sydney

The front entrance to Luna Park is a giant scary mouth, which you have to walk through to get inside - kind of intimidating, but fun! You can see it in the background of this image.

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