Opera Mobile 12 for x86 Architectures


At the Intel Developer Forum in September 2011, Opera unveiled a first demo build of Opera Mobile for Android running on an Intel Oak Trail-powered (Atom Z670) Green Ridge tablet with Ice Cream Sandwich OS installed. This marked the first public viewing of a native Android application running on x86 architecture.

View a video demo of Opera’s Phillip Grønvold demonstrating Opera Mobile on x86 Android.

Introducing Opera Mobile 12 for x86 Android devices

We are now proud to release our experimental x86 Android build of Opera Mobile publicly. This has most of the features of our regular Android Opera Mobile, including:

  • Leading support for modern web standards, such as
    • A comprehensive set of CSS3 and HTML5 features
    • WebGL
    • getUserMedia
    • Device APIs
  • No checker-boarding effect
  • Butter smooth scrolling


To install this experimental Opera 12 build, browse your x86 Android device to Opera 12 for x86 Android devices.