A More Accessible Opera Unite

This week saw the release of Opera 10.10 final complete with a more accessible Opera Unite. If you've not come across Opera Unite before it's a powerful platform that turns your browser into a server. This means that you can share content you have on your hard drive - photo's, files, folders, music, hosted websites - without having to uploaded these to a website.

There are benefits for all users but for those who struggle with the accessibility of social networks where they'd normally share photo's, files and information Opera Unite offers a fast, accessible and usable alternative. With this release we've added in some accessibility enhancements that we believe will benefit not just disabled but all users:

  • Default applications now have better page structure
  • Higher contrast has been added to links
  • It is possible to exit Slideshow and the Fridge with the keyboard
  • ARIA has been added in some places to announce updates to screenreaders
  • Overall keyboard accessibility has received some general tweaking

We're not stopping there however and would love to hear your feedback, comments and ideas. Drop me an email or leave a comment if you have any. Finally a special thank you to our Accessibility Volunteers for their input and ideas.