A New Dev.Opera

Yesterday, we released a major update to Dev.Opera. The most obvious change is of course the visual refresh, but we've also rewritten the whole back-end from scratch, so as to make it more flexible and robust.

new Dev.Opera

A quick tour around some of the bigger changes:

  • We've simplified the categorization to just 5 sections, each with their own featured content: Web, Add-ons (which has 4 parts), Mobile, TV and Labs. Tags and search let you dive deeper into topics of interest, and you can use the new pagination feature to browse through everything we've published.
  • The Opera Labs page, which was living outside of Dev.Opera before, will be discontinued in its current form, and it is now integrated as a separate Dev.Opera section. This makes sense, as Labs releases often go together with a technical article, so you have everything in one place.
  • Articles now have real comments: a real improvement over the previous system where comments were actually forum threads.
  • Color highlighting for code blocks to improve readability of code samples included in the articles.
  • Handy sidebar navigation for e.g. our Opera Extensions documentation, so you keep a clear overview and don't get lost between articles.
  • A fresh, adaptive design, based on viewport and media query goodness. One Web FTW!
  • And much more!

Over the next couple of days and weeks, we'll be ironing out some of the remaining bugs and further tweak the existing content — if you find any issues, let us know on @ODevRel. If you want to submit new articles, you can do so as well of course!

And to celebrate the release, we've published two new articles:

So, roll up those sleeves, and get coding!