Add-on-Con 2010

A quick heads-up to say that Opera is out in full force at this week's Add-on-Con event in Mountain View, at the fantastic setting of the Computer History Museum.

Pre-conference workshop (Wednesday, Dec 8th)

Mike Taylor and Gautam Chandna will be doing a workshop on Opera extensions:

  • 9:05-10:05: Useful JavaScript techniques for building Add-ons
  • 10:10-11:05: The Future of Opera Addons

Main conference day (Thursday, Dec 9th)

Chaals will be representing Opera in the first panel session of the day "What comes after the URL and how does it affect the current Ecosystem?" (9:00-10:10) as well as the last one, titled "The future of the browser" (4:10-5:15).

In the afternoon (2:30-3:15), Mike and Arnstein will give a developer talk titled "Building Opera extensions with web standards".

We'll be posting slides of the Add-on-Con talks later on - in the meantime, be sure to attend if you're in the Bay Area, or else, try following the event on Twitter.