Audio and Video in HTML5 - London Web Standards 20.09.2010

Last Monday I popped down to the capital, fighting through an annoying cold I've had for a week, to take part in a London Web Standards evening. To start off the proceedings, Google's Michael Mahemoff took us on a tour of some of the cool, but often overlooked new features of HTML5, such as application cache, local storage, geolocation. After that I tried to wow the crowd with a few insights into the capabilities offered by Audio and Video in HTML5.

And here are the examples I showed:


As a bonus, I also mentioned WebSRT and the <track> element (not part of HTML5), and showed the JavaScript demo implementation of WebSRT by Opera's Philip Jägenstedt as another example of how the native APIs for video can be used in creative new ways.


The first public outing of my audio examples!