Developer Relations Team on the Road in March 2011

The Developer Relations Team is on the road speaking at different events and venues. Come to meet them.

SXSW (in Austin, Texas, USA) will have the lion share of Opera people this month. There will be an Opera Booth, some speakers and a few attendees : Lars Erick Bolstad, Tiffany Brown, Molly Holzschlag, Patrick H. Lauke, Bruce Lawson, Charles McCathieNeville, David Storey

ConFoo (Montreal, Canada) is an impressive Web developer conference which runs for the second time. Karl Dubost will be speaking there.

Zi Bin Cheah will be joined by Sangwhan Moon and Peko Wan, and together they will be touring Taiwan speaking to universities and leading companies about HTML5 and Opera Widgets.

March Talks List
ConFooFriday, March 11 9:40AMThink Mobile First, Then EnhanceKarl Dubost
SXSWSaturday, March 12 11:00AMDrawing Back the Curtains on CSS ImplementationMolly Holzschlag
SXSWSaturday, March 12 5:00PMWeb Anywhere: Mobile Optimisation With HTML5, CSS3, JavaScriptBruce Lawson
SXSWSunday, March 13 11:00AMThe Politics Behind HTML5Charles McCathieNeville
SXSWTuesday, March 15 5:00PMVoices From The HTML5 Trenches: Browser Wars IVLars Erik Bolstad
Uni TourFriday, March 18 2:00PMHTML5 & Opera Widgets @ NSYSUZi Bin & Sangwhan
Uni TourMonday, March 21 2:45PMHTML5 & Opera Widgets @ NCCUZi Bin & Sangwhan
Company Talks - Next TVTuesday, March 22 11:00AMHTML5 Video ElementZi Bin
Company Talks - New MediaWednesday, March 23 10:00AMThe State of HTML5Zi Bin
Yahoo! Developer NetworkWednesday, March 23 3:00PMThe State of HTML5Zi Bin
Uni TourFriday, March 25 2:00PMHTML5 & Opera Widgets @ YZUZi Bin & Sangwhan
SparkIT 2011Friday, March 18 9:00AMKeynoteChristen Krogh
SparkIT 2011Friday, March 18 11:25AMThe Web of the future with HTML5: Tools, techniques, browsers and devicesShwetank Dixit
20th International World Wide Web ConferenceWednesday, March 30 3:30PMMobile and devices: Making the most of W3C technologiesShwetank Dixit