ECMAScript 5.1 Support for Opera (Snapshot Build)

The Desktop Team has released an exciting update to Presto (Opera's rendering engine) and Carakan (Opera's JavaScript engine). Most notably, this snapshot includes full support for ECMAScript 5.1, the latest official version of the ECMAScript specification. In addition to adding all of the new built-ins and strict mode, we've fixed lots of minor spec compliance glitches and other bugs.

To get a sense for why this is so exciting for both developers and end-users, just check out the difference in results for test262 (the official test suite) between Opera 11.51 and today's 12.00 pre-alpha snapshot:

Opera Next snapshot: Pass: 10926
Fail: 1Failed To Load: 0
Opera 11.51 Final: Pass: 7062
Fail: 3865Failed To Load: 66

And the one test this snapshot fails is likely invalid.

If ES5 isn't your thing, we've still been working hard on completing our support for HTML5 as well. In this snapshot the tireless Philip Jägenstedt has landed the @muted (CORE-40275) and @preload (CORE-19293) attributes for HTML5 <video>.

Finally, a fun CSS bug was fixed (CORE-28884) allowing box-shadows for <input> elements to finally work as you would expect.

Go grab the snapshot while it's still hot and be sure to check out the full changelog!