Educating the Web Standards Kids — Scrunchup and More

In a blog post a couple of months ago, I asked How do we educate the web standards kids?. This elicited quite a few good responses, so I thought I'd follow up on this subject and give a couple of updates.

First of all, the first issue of ScrunchUp is finally out, and it looks great. You can find the first part of my article, A proper web standards education, a guide to employment and portfolios from Paul and Marcus Headscape, and much much more useful stuff. It is aimed at the younger generation, just getting into web design.

Secondly, things have been progressing for the Open Web Education Alliance. We have been steadily working on a whitepaper to present to the W3C management folk, explaining how our curriculum will be put together, how our outreach work to educators will work, etc. More on this soon!

Last, I am jetting off to Australia for a couple of weeks of work very soon. I will be doing lots of education work over there, and meeting a lot of passionate folk to get on board the standards education movement, no doubt! Find out more about my activities, and enter our competition!