Expandable Objects in the Console, and more

We’ve made further progress on the feature set for Opera Dragonfly 1.1, and continue to fix bugs. Have fun playing with the latest features, and let us know your feedback in the comments. If you are not using the experimental branch you can follow the instruction from a previous blog post.

Expandable Objects in the Console

With this build we have added the ability to directly expand Objects and nodes in the Console. This was another of the top requests from our Opera Dragonfly 1.0 feedback.

More polish

We’ve significantly improved the performance of the network log, so it should render faster, scroll smoother, and be all round more responsive. The application toolbar has also been improved, with optimisations to the Utilities and Console icons to make them fit together better, and new status badges for the breakpoint pause icon on the Scripts icon and the error count on the Errors button. The new style should look less cramped and more polished. The error count badge now syncs with the last active tab in the Error Log. It will now show all errors if the All tab is active, only JavaScript errors if the JavaScript tab is active, and so on.

We have also fixed a large number of bugs since the last experimental, including the issues where the Network Log stopped working and the Storage view would get stuck. We still have a lot of bugs to go before 1.1 goes final. Let us know if you find bugs in the new or recently released features, and have fun trying the new build.