@font-Face Web Fonts Resources

So you've seen the Opera 10 Web Fonts showcases and want to use the technology to expand your site's typography without using images or JavaScript hacks. A great thing about Web Fonts is that they are inherently accessible; of course, it's still possible to choose an unreadable typeface or rubbish colour contrast, but the user can deal with that because it's just text.

Here are some resources which have some fonts that are licensed for embedding using CSS Web Fonts. Please note that I have not checked each individual license, and you should be sure that you check the license for any font you embed. That's your responsibility, not mine. Thanks to all who helped me compile this list, please add any you know of below (anonymous comments are fine).

For those who need to make EOT files and don't run Windows, or do run Windows but, like me, can't get the cobwebbed Microsoft WEFT conversion tool to work, ttf2eot is a command-line utility that does what it says on the tin.