Germany University Tour

After 7 days, 10 universities and a lot of cool discussions during evening meet-ups, Opera's Geman university tour has comes to an end.

For everybody who attended the seminars and meetups, a BIG DANKE! The Opera team that was present in Germany were Håkon Wium Lie, Anne van Kesteren, Roberto Mateu and Bernd Goessling. Here goes the slides.

Here are Håkon's "One Web" slides. Håkon's slide uses Opera Show. By going F11 full screen in Opera, you can go into presentation mode.

Here are Anne's slides on HTML 5. You can watch these slides in the same manner as Håkon's. If you fancy trying out the video demos, you will need Opera's experimental video build.

Roberto's talk is about Web Browser Industry PDF 850kb. This presentation includes trends in the browser industry, Opera's products and some use case examples.

For a summary of the whole tour, check out our Opera University Tour blog.