Improved script selection

We have updated the drop-down select in the Scripts panel in our latest cutting-edge and experimental builds. It now has a filter, to make it easier to find a script file, and an improved keyboard interaction.

The improved script selection drop-down, showing the new filter functionality

When you open the drop-down the filter gets focus automatically. and cursor keys will move the selection, and with ENTER you select the file to be displayed. When you type a part of the script file path, the amount of selectable options will get reduced accordingly. When you select a file with ENTER, the current search token gets stored, allowing you to quickly perform a previous search: when you open the drop-down, you can go through your previous searches with SHIFT+/. A summary of the available shortcuts:

  • and cursor keys: navigate the options
  • ENTER: select the script
  • SHIFT+/: navigate the filter history
  • CTRL+F3: open the drop-down, also from any other view.

The build is available on experimental and cutting-edge. Try it out and tell us what you think!