Rollercoaster screenshot

Coast by Opera has been out for 2 weeks now. During that time, we’ve been browsing a lot on our iPads and we’ve noticed that there are still relatively few sites that are really optimized for tablet browsing: Coast by Opera gives you a good experience on non-optimized sites as well, but still, things can always be better. So, we started working on a simple site that highlights pretty, tablet-optimized sites and best design practices: the result is

We’re kicking things off with five site reviews, and the idea is that this grows to a nice collection of sites, which you can flick through using the navigation buttons, or with a simple left or right swipe gesture.

We’ll be reviewing more sites ourselves in the next weeks and months that come, but we welcome external contributions as well! Just fork our repo, and follow the instructions. As the site is powered by Jekyll, it’s just a matter of putting a markdown and an image file in the right folders, and you’re good to go.

And if even that’s too much effort ;-) give us a shout on Twitter about sites you think we should review!