jsFoo Bangalore — My Slides and Thoughts

So I was there at jsFoo in Bangalore last weekend, which I think was India's first exclusively JS based conference. The event was great, with a turnout which was greater than expected. We had talked on the some advanced JS tricks, stuff on the internal working of some JS engines, a few node.js talks, as well as my talk which was about how does JS fit into the mobile web.

The following are my slides:

One of the things I noticed was that, people knew about AppCache, but no about the events associated with them. So I tried highlighting them. I also noticed people asking the presenters who came before me about offline storage and how to sync it back to the server, so I provided an example of how to do it in case of a web form using localStorage. In the end, I also talked about device orientation and getUserMedia. I've linked some usefull resources to check out in the slides themselves, but I'll mention some here for the lazy ;)

The event was full of wicked smart and cool people, and I hope to see this event happening again soon!