Just Out: Opera Mini 5.1 for Android

Opera Mini 5.1 screenshot

I'm happy to announce that we've just released Opera Mini 5.1 final for Android (video). That's right, we've skipped the final for 5, and jumped straight to 5.1, bringing it in line with last week's Opera Mini update.

So, what's new? Opera Mini for Android now supports 96 languages in the UI, and can be set as the default browser on the device. You'll also notice better page layout and font rendering on the more high-end Android devices, as well as improved kinetic scrolling.

It's worth pointing out that on high-resolution screens, text (incl. CJK fonts) loaded in Opera Mini 5.1 for Android is already readable without zooming in, which is handy for skimming page content and titles.

To get Opera Mini 5.1 on your Android phone, simply visit m.opera.com or search for it in the Android Market.