Latest weekly now live

We've just released the latest weekly release of Opera Dragonfly. The biggest change over the previous build is that it now works in a panel, which allows Opera Dragonfly to work in a single window. This has been one of the biggest requests from users. A recent Opera 9.5 build is required for this to work. You can download this from the Desktop Team blog. The support for this is still highly experimental, so the interface is far from complete, and will change. The style sheets view is still under construction for example. There will likely be a number of regressions.

Another change is in how we fetch scripts in the JavaScript debugger. The page will now automatically refresh, so you don't have to click the reload button. As this can cause loss of state, there is an option in the preferences, to disable this and return to the previous behaviour. A full list of changes can be found in the change logs.

Download build 08-06-02-16-10. Automatically updated weekly builds can be found at Update the Opera Dragonfly URL in Opera:config to this address to enable automatic updates to the latest weekly release.