Making Your Site Mobile-Friendly — RIT++ 2010, Moscow

I had the honour of being invited to speak at this year's Russian Internet Technologies (RIT) 2010 conference in Moscow. Unfortunately, due to the unexpected bureaucratic nightmare involved in getting a Russian business visa, I was unable to attend in person (shame, as Moscow is definitely on my top list of places that I'd love to visit)...but, as a last resort, I did my presentation remotely via Skype screensharing, from the comfort of my own home office.

My talk Making your site mobile-friendly was an expanded version of an Ignite Manchester talk I did last month. I have to say that presenting to camera (and then later just talking into a microphone while looking at my own slides) without being able to see the audience is...unusual. As a presenter, you definitely miss the immediate feedback you get from observing your audience. To top it off, I was being translated simultaneously into Russian, so I had to curb my usual machinegun-style barrage of words. In all, though, it was an enjoyable experience (despite Skype crashing on me right in the middle of the talk) and I hope the attendees got something positive out of it. Until next year, when I'll hopefully be able to be there live...

A few relevant links relating to the presentation: