Minor updates to Opera Dragonfly Experimental

We’ve pushed out a minor update to the experimental version of Opera Dragonfly. The main changes are as follows:

  • Updated syntax highlighting to distinguish between HTML/XML, CSS and JavaScript
  • Ability to add new rules in the Style Inspector (initial implementation)
  • Badge displaying the error count in the Error Log button (Opera Dragonfly must be open before loading the page to see this). A similar badge is show in the JavaScript Debugger button to show when execution is paused.
  • Updated scroll behaviour in the Scripts source view
  • Visual differentiation to show that the browser default styles in the Style Inspector can not be edited
  • Edit: Inline and Evaled scripts now show a code snippet in the script drop down

We’d love to hear your feedback. There may be various merge conflicts, such as the comments and doctype in the DOM Inspector not receiving their correct greyed out style.