Collaborating With Mitsue-Links on a Japanese Translation of the Web Standards Curriculum

Over the last year, our Web Standards Curriculum has grown to over 50 articles covering HTML, CSS, JavaScript and more, and several translations are on the way.

Today, we're very happy to announce that Mitsue-Links will be working with us on a Japanese version of the Web Standards Curriculum. A very sincere "thank you!" to web standards champion Kazuhito Kidachi for making this possible.

Finished article translations will be published on both Dev.Opera and the Mitsue-Links site over the following months—needless to say, this is a long term effort, but the plan is to get the whole curriculum translated into Japanese over time.

We hope the localized Web Standards Curriculum will help beginning and advanced Japanese web developers to get their hands wet with Web standards and deploy this knowledge on the sites they create, making the Web a better place for everybody.

Stay tuned!