One Week of Extensions: A Quick Update

It's only been one week since our initial Labs release of Opera 11 alpha – which comes with support for extensions – and we're very happy to see that it has generated enormous developer interest, with our Opera extensions catalog steadily growing in size and many more extension submission in the pipeline.

We've received quite a bit of feedback about our current extension approval process – rest assured that we're working on making the whole experience of submitting extensions less opaque, so that developers can submit questions to the moderators and get a clear overview of where their extension is in the approval queue. We're also working on speeding up the overall approval process, but this will take a little more time, so bear with us!

Developers have also asked us about the choice of licenses we provide as part of the submission process. At present, you can choose between the Opera hosting license and the Apache 2.0 license for your extension, but there seems to be a strong interest in having GPL as an option as well. We're looking into it and hope to be able to let developers know soon.

As for documentation, be sure to check out Shwetank's latest Dev.Opera article on messaging in Opera extensions and Daniel's Opera extension code examples article. We're working on more stuff to be published in the next couple of days and weeks, so stay tuned!