Open the Web Update: LiveJournal

I’ve recently returned from Russia and the iCamp conference, where I meet, amongst others SUP. You may know them as the Russian company that purchased LiveJournal. They were a company I really wanted to talk to as we’ve had many reports that the rich text editor on LJ doesn’t work in our browser. This was a big issue for both ourselves and SUP as Opera is the number 2 browser in Russia, behind IE. Live Journal is also very popular in Russia and other former Soviet states.

Unlike the difficulties we often face when talking to western developers, SUP were very happy to work with us, and promised that they were looking into the issues, which would also make sure the site would work as expected in Safari as well. Today marks the fruits of that labour, and I’m happy to announce that Live Journal now fully works in Opera. That’s a nice belated birthday present for me. Let me extend my thanks for those, both in Russia and California that worked on this, plus the fine folks at FCKEditor for reporting bugs and making sure it works in our browser.