Open Web Camp II: Second Edition

Last summer, Opera Software and Stanford University put together a free, one-day Open Web Camp. We had a decent turnout, with some industry notables including Guy Kawasaki. The concept was to have plenty of camp-style activities, with attendee-centered talks alongside notables in the industry.

In an effort to continue this educational, community-oriented (and may I mention completely free) event, we've teamed up this year with Google, Yahoo! and PayPal. These-co sponsorships help with outreach to many companies within the United States' Silicon Valley and Bay area, building a strong relationship and camaraderie not only between developers, but between the companies themselves. In turn, we all hope this leads to a better, stronger and more open Web.

This year's event will be held on Saturday, 17th of July, at Stanford University. The camp continues its organized talks along with attendee involvement and both the speaker and attendee lists are full of some very impressive names, as well as many young up-and-comers. Names you're likely to know include John Allsopp, Tantek Çelik, Dirk Ginader, Matt Henry, Greg Rewis, Stephanie Sullivan Rewis, Nicole Sullivan and Opera's very own Chaals. And me, too! I'll be speaking and around for the day to Tweet, take photos, help out, and be around if you'd like to chat about anything Open Web, Opera and life.

While the event has already reached capacity, you can currently read more about the schedule, location and sponsors by visiting us at Open Web Camp. Also, be sure to follow along on Twitter, Flickr and your favorite social network - look for the tag #openwebcamp for up-to-the moment insight and commentary. I'll follow up after the event with links to presentations and a review of this growing and important event.