Opera 10.10 Final and 10.2 Alpha

On Monday this week, we released the final version of Opera 10.10 for desktop, with Opera Unite as its main highlight. Gautam gave a fine description on the Opera Unite blog last week:

Opera Unite establishes your personal computer as a Web server. You are given a URL similar to http://devicename.username.operaunite.com/. You can have as many computers as you like, and each is linked to your username. This way people can find the real you. The unique you, physically on your own computer. Possibly at home, work, or at the coffee shop.

That unique you could be running one or more of the preinstalled or downloadable Opera Unite applications, or perhaps an app you built yourself. Note that we’re giving away prizes for new Opera Unite apps, so let all your creativity loose :-)

Quick links to some of the documentation we have prepped for you thus far:

You’ll find more articles in the Opera Unite section on Dev.Opera, and we’re also working on updating the Libraries overview so as to include Yusef and the various plugins. Stay tuned for more!

And now for the second half of this story — on Wednesday (some speculate that we never sleep) we released Opera 10.2 alpha, featuring Opera Widgets for Desktop. This release allows you to install and run widgets as standalone applications.

In other words, you can now build cross-platform applications for Windows, Mac, and Linux using Web standards, which is a very powerful concept. If you want to get started, have a look at Remigiusz’s Opera Widgets as standalone applications article.

So, lots of new stuff to play with — let us know what you think!