Opera 10.60 Alpha: Faster Than a Speeding Browser

At Opera, the wheels of progress never stop turning — this morning we released an alpha version of Opera 10.60 for desktop. You can download and try it for Mac, Windows and Linux.

The main improvement this time around is speed — a lot of work has gone into making our rendering even faster, and we've had great results, squeezing even more performance out of our Vega graphics library and Carakan JavaScript engine. The 10.60 alpha version already performs 76% better on the Peacekeeper Browser Benchmark than 10.50, and 265% better than Opera 10.10!

Peacekeeper benchmark results for Opera. Opera 10.60 alpha 7204, Opera 10.50 4082, Opera 10.10 1974

We also improved significantly on the Sunspider JavaScript Benchmark, with the test taking only 394.6ms to complete in the Opera 10.60 alpha (compared to 429ms in Opera 10.50).

We will follow up soon with an Opera 10.60 beta, which will feature further speed refinements as well as some new standards support and other developer features. Watch this space!