Opera and the .Net Magazine Awards

We're jolly pleased that .net magazine (or Practical Web Design outside the UK) has nominated Opera product for four of their annual awards, all nominated by the magazine's readers.

Innovation of the Year

Opera Mobile Emulator is up for this gong.

Testing mobile browsers usually requires Web developers to buy one or more devices on which they then can investigate how their Web sites perform. The Opera Mobile emulator is designed to make the whole testing effort a bit easier: you install a small, native application on the desktop platform of your choice, and load Web pages from the comfort of your desktop. You can even debug them using Opera Dragonfly. (More about Opera Mobile Emulator)

Viral Campaign of the Year

Odd and Even's Opera Speed Test video is nominated. Were there a Vegetable of the Year category, I'm sure Norwegian potatoes would be in there too.

Web Personality of the Year

With more personality that there is snow in Norway, Opera's very own Molly Holzschlag is up for this award.

Standards Champion of the Year

Molly's also nominated for this, as is Bruce Lawson (that's me!). Having been beaten twice before for this award (by some nobodies named Cederholm and Zeldman) I'm resigned to being always the bridesmaid, never the bride.

In addition, the HTML5 Doctor resource site that Bruce co-curates is up for Blog of the Year. Our very own Patrick H Lauke is a judge, but he's promised to abstain from the categories where we have an interest.

Anyway, voting closes on 12 October. So go and vote for your favourites (hint hint!).