Opera Dragonfly 1.0 RC 2

We’ve released a new Release Candidate today for Opera Dragonfly 1.0. This build fixes all the P1 bugs we found in the first release candidate. This build just lacks the full translations for the languages that Opera Dragonfly supports. Once the translations are in place it will become the Opera Dragonfly 1.0 release unless any show stopper bugs are found.

The list of bugs fixed since RC1 include:

  • Fix for DFL-1883, Sortable-table context menu sometimes throws (check for parentNode before re-rendering).
  • Fix for DFL-1890, Console throws when pressing <tab> after hiding.
  • Fix for DFL-1894, BAD_BOUNDARYPOINTS_ERR thrown while messing with autocomplete and stepping.
  • Fix for DFL-1895.1, Various script search exceptions.
  • Fix for DFL-1895.3, Various script search exceptions.
  • Fix for DFL-1897, Endless loop in script search.
  • Fix for DFL-1865, freeze upon scrolling source view.