Opera Dragonfly alpha 2 out now

Following the Release Candidate last week, Opera Dragonfly alpha 2 has now gone live. People using the default URL for Opera Dragonfly will automatically upgraded to this new version. As always, you can access Opera Dragonfly alpha 2 by clicking on Tools -> Advanced -> Developer Tools in Opera 9.5’s menu bar.

Along with the new features, such as CSS editing, that were introduced in the last post on this blog, we've also released schemas and JSDocs for the code structure and source code. This should make it easier for developers to pick up the source code and start playing with it. I'd be interested to see what people can come up with to improve Opera Dragonfly. If you have any questions about the code, want to post some adaptions or give feature requests then head over to our forums.

The next step is to work on the bugs and planned features for alpha 3 in a few months time.