Opera Dragonfly source now on GitHub

Effective from today, Opera Dragonfly's source code has officially moved from our old Bitbucket repository to a shiny new home over in the Opera Software account on GitHub. This move aims to harmonise and gather Opera's various open source projects into a single, sensible location.

The four repositories that have been transferred are:

The dragonfly repository has three main branches: master, cutting-edge and bugfixes. The HEAD of master will always match the current stable release of Opera Dragonfly at https://dragonfly.opera.com/app/, while the HEAD of cutting-edge matches https://dragonfly.opera.com/app/cutting-edge/. Note that there is no experimental branch – these builds are generated separately, in a temporary repo, as they're often focused on simply testing a particular new feature.

These repositories were converted from Mercurial to git, so their structure and commit history should have all been preserved in the process. The only aspect that hasn't been automagically transferred are the various issues that were posted on Bitbucket. If you have a burning issue that you'd like to see addressed, we'd suggest re-posting it over on GitHub.