Opera Mobile 10.1 for S60

This is a truly busy summer (or winter, depending where you are). Following the release of Opera Mini 5.1 for Android, Opera Mobile 10.1 Beta for S60 is coming to town, and with it we want to share with you some exciting new features.


Opera’s graphic library Vega is turned on in this version. This means that CSS3 support such as 2D Transforms, border-radius, border-image, and box-shadow now work on Symbian S60 phones.


Our JavaScript engine has boosted speed greatly on Opera desktop, you can see how much difference it made when we moved to Carakan on the desktop in Opera desktop 10.50. Now it's Opera Mobile's turn to feel the speed. However, please note that JIT compilation in Carakan is not available in this version.


We have heard time and again that geolocation has the best use case on mobile phone. It is our privilege to bring the W3C Geolocation API to S60 phones. Developers can now build awesome websites that make use of this wonderful web standard, on desktop and mobile phones.

…for developers, a standards chart

Also, we know that developers have been asking for a quick and easy reference to the various Opera products standards support. So now you have it, a table listing HTML5, CSS3, Storage, Graphics and other standards support on Opera Desktop, Opera Mobile and Opera Mini.


And as always, it is the community’s feedback that makes our product better. Please leave a comment or head right to our bug wizard system and help us squash some bugs.

You can download Opera Mobile 10.1 Beta for S60 directly to your phone. Alternatively, you can also download the international version or the version with asian language support to your computer before transferring it to your phone.