Opera Mobile Emulator Updated to Version 11.5

I'm happy to announce that we have updated the Opera Mobile Emulator to version 11.5, to match the most recent version of Opera Mobile available on Android, S60 and MeeGo devices.

The Opera Mobile Emulator in action, showing multiple instances of Opera Mobile with different screen sizes and input mechanisms

New in this version are a revamped horizontal launch panel with fresh device presets, extra command line hooks, and a whole range of fixes and improvements – most prominent for many developers, the issue of doing a "local" remote debugging session with Opera Dragonfly on Mac and Linux using the standard address has now been fixed (though, at the time of writing, it will require the use of Opera Next or the latest Opera 11.60 snapshot).

For all details, have a look at our Opera Mobile Emulator for desktop guide on Dev.Opera. Let us know what you think, and be sure to spread the word!