Opera Browser Standards Support Chart

Update: see the latest browser support chart listing web standards support for Opera desktop, Opera Mobile and Opera Mini listed here.

Knowing the capabilities of each platform makes a huge difference in creating a great user experience across all platforms and devices. Many of you might be wondering about the capabilities supported on Opera Desktop, Mobile and Mini and how they differ from one another in that regard. We thought it would be nice to provide you with a comparative list of standards support across our three browsers.

Opera 10.5x for Desktop runs on the Presto 2.5 rendering engine, while Opera Mini 5 and Opera Mobile 10 are running on Presto 2.4.

For an engine-specific (and more exhaustive) overview of our standards support, please check out Web specifications supported in Opera Presto 2.5 and Opera Presto 2.4.

Desktop 10.5xMobile 10Mini 5
CSS3 general
Web Fontssupportedsupportednot supported
Media Queriessupportedsupportedsupported
text-shadow (incl. multiple text-shadow)supportedsupportedsupported*
CSS3 Backgrounds and Borders
border-radiussupportedsupportednot supported
multiple background imagessupportedsupportedsupported
background-attachmentsupportednot supportednot supported
box-shadowsupportednot supportednot supported
border-imagesupportednot supportednot supported
CSS3 Transitions
transition-propertysupportedsupportednot supported
transition-durationsupportedsupportednot supported
transition-delaysupportedsupportednot supported
transition-timing-functionsupportedsupportednot supported
easesupportedsupportednot supported
linearsupportedsupportednot supported
ease-insupportedsupportednot supported
ease-outsupportedsupportednot supported
ease-in-outsupportedsupportednot supported
CSS3 2D Transforms
translatesupportednot supportednot supported
translateXsupportednot supportednot supported
translateYsupportednot supportednot supported
scalesupportednot supportednot supported
skewsupportednot supportednot supported
rotatesupportednot supportednot supported
transform-originsupportednot supportednot supported
CSS3 Color
Videosupportednot supportednot supported
Audiosupportednot supportednot supported
Web Formssupportedsupportedsupported
Web Storage - Local Storagesupportednot supportednot supported
Web Storage - Session Storagesupportednot supportednot supported
Web SQL Storagesupportednot supportednot supported
Selectors APIsupportedsupportedsupported
Viewport META tagN/Asupportednot supported

* Blur radius is not supported.

† Opera on Windows and Mac support the Ogg container format and the Theora and Vorbis codecs, as well as the WAVE container format and PCM codec. Opera on Linux and FreeBSD supports the container formats and codecs that are installed in the system's GStreamer.

‡ Opera Mini uses the same engine as other Opera products, but it is special as it consists of an Opera Mini thin client on the phone and an Opera Server on the back-end. Because of this particular architecture, Opera Mini does not support asynchronous operations or user interaction such as mouseover events in SVG and Canvas.

¶ Due to Opera Mini's nature as a thin client, Selectors API function calls that require user interaction, such as mouseover events, will not work. The selector queried should also be loaded before the JavaScript that does the querying, which can be done by placing the script just before the body close tag.

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