Opera’s Turkish Fans Opening the Web

Opera has always had an active community in Turkey who have been translating the Web Standards Curriculum into Turkish, and who have helped many times to open the Web by alerting us to broken sites and tracking down webmasters of sites so we can ask them to tweak their code etc so every browser can access the content.

Recently, the Opera Türkiye team drew my attention to the fact that Avea, a large Turkish mobile phone operator with 12.5m subscribers, was blocking Opera on its website. Which is a bit odd, when you think of how big Opera is on mobile phones.

The Opera Türkiye team mobilised other customers to contact Avea by Twitter, email and Facebook and, we're delighted to say, within three days the browser block was removed.

Thank you, Avea, for listening to your customers. But most of all, a great big teşekkür ederiz to the Opera Türkiye team and all those who helped them.