Over the Air 2010: Bruce Lawson’s Web Development 2.0 Talk

I was very pleased to be asked to speak on HTML5, mobile, CSS 3, DAP and other exciting topics. The slides might not make much sense on their own, but the purpose was to give people a general overview of the technical landscape, so you might find the organically-grown hand-selected list-of-links-o-rama™ below to be more useful.

HTML5 resources

<canvas> tutorials

HTML5 <video> resources

HTML5's friends: JavaScript APIs

CSS Media Queries for adaptive content

CSS 3 resources

Mobile-specific resources

Browser as a platform: W3C Widgets

Personally, I found Over The Air to be the best conference I've attended this year in terms of delegate enthusiasm and how much I learned, so thanks to Jo Rabin, Dan Appelquist and the team for putting it on and inviting me to talk. I gave a copy of my HTML5 book to Sir Tim Berners-Lee who asked me to sign it, which I was thrilled by ("Thanks for the Web. Bruce"). The standout presentation for me was Bryan Rieger's Rethinking the Mobile Web.