Over the Air 2011 Slides — Web Anywhere: Mobile Optimisation With HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript

I spoke at Over The Air last year and - gasp! - was invited back.

The beautiful grounds, gloriously sunny day and fabulously geeky setting of Bletchley Park, the site of secret British codebreaking activities during WWII and birthplace of the modern computer, augured well for what was a superb event. My hearty congratulations and thanks to the organisers.

Here are my slides:

The slides might not make that much sense by themselves (sorry) but here are some resources I mentioned or which might just help you. The country-specific lists of top 10 websites visited and handsets used are from our monthly State of the Mobile Web reports.

Mobile-specific resources

CSS Media Queries and Viewport for adaptive content

HTML5's friends: JavaScript APIs

Browser as a platform

And here's a photo of me and some fellow W3C alumni from the W3C Mobile Web specifications: glamourtastic!