Shiny Demos on Github

Coding is great, and reading web specifications is a joy like no other, but all work and no play can make Jack a dull boy, so it's important that we don't overlook The Shiny.

That's why at Opera we made Shiny Demos, a collection of demos that show off the latest web specs in an Ooooo! sort of way. Rock pianos, Andy Warhol, Hixie Keyboards, border radius art, and even Hipster Dogs are all represented.

In the same way that "Information wants to be free" or "walruses want to play Saxophone*", it's a Fundamental Law of Nature™ that Shiny wants to be forked, so we're opening up the code on Github. Fork at leisure and send us pull requests if you spot some code that could be improved. All the code is open, although some of the assets aren't, so some images and media are hosted on Feel free to link to them there, or link to your own similar resources.

What's that? You want to contribute a brand-new demo? Great! Soon we'll be publishing some detailed authoring guidelines, but for now the most important rules are

  1. make it shiny, and
  2. make it as cross-browser as possible.

Head to and fork away. Heeeeere's Shiny!