Smartphone Show: Opera Widgets in 5 Minutes

Yesterday at the Smartphone Show 2008 I did a five-minute presentation about Opera Widgets (and the $10,000 prizes in our challenge to find the best new widget).

It's called Opera Widgets: uses, development and standards (PDF 2MB), and shows how to use Web Standards to make compelling cross-device single-purpose applications that work on mobiles, now they're included in Opera Mobile 9.5 beta. (It's a tagged PDF as I figured that's the best format for people in suits; let me know if you need an alternative format.)

For those who want to know more, we have many articles for widget developers.

I was thrilled to be awarded first prize for Best Product Pitch by a panel of judges including representatives of Samsung, Nokia and Symbian. I want to thank my Mum, My Dad, my wife and children who timed my ten rehearsals, Divisha who helped me write it, my boss Jan… sob …