Standards.Next: Cognition and Accessibility

Not long now until Bruce and I will be running our next Standards.Next meetup this time covering cognition and accessible web design.

We had such a blast with the HTML5 meetup that we to thought we do it again this time focusing on accessible web design for people with cognitive problems. This has always been such an unknown area and one of the most difficult groups of people to design for so we're lucky to have a really talented and knowledgeable line up including:

  • Antonia Hyde - freelance web designer specialising in cognition and accessibility including icons, audio, video and web apps. Antonia was also the driver behind Easy YouTube which she worked on with Christian Heilmann.
  • David Owens - front-end developer and web standards advocate David will share his findings from carrying out some user testing with people with cognitive disabilities and how this influenced design decisions.
  • Jamie Knight - Jamie has first hand knowledge as a web designer himself with autism. He'll be telling us what works and doesn't work and why.

I'm really looking forward to this and hope you can make it. It'll be held Saturday 19th September after Techshare in London we'd love to see you there. Sign up and let us know as places are limited and if you want to speak then let us know.

Thanks, Henny and Bruce