Stockholm Presentation and Links

I was lucky enough to be invited to Stockholm, where I gave two presentations at a Geek Meet organised by Robert Nyman and hosted by those nice folks at Creuna. (Here's a video that shows just how much effort went into it.)

The slides for my first presentation are available:

The slides for my Disruptive Code presentation are also available:

(There is a video of the talk at if you can find it!)

In both cases, the slides might not make much sense on their own, but the purpose was to give people a general overview of the technical landscape, so you might find the organically-grown hand-selected list-of-links-o-rama™ below to be more useful.

HTML5 resources

<canvas> tutorials

HTML5 <video> resources

For video accessibility, see WebSRT and the <track> element (not part of HTML5), and showed the JavaScript demo implementation of WebSRT by Opera's Philip Jägenstedt as another example of how the native APIs for video can be used in creative new ways.

HTML5 audio

Patrick Lauke's audio examples:

HTML5's friends: JavaScript APIs

CSS Media Queries for adaptive content

CSS 3 resources

Mobile-specific resources

Browser as a platform: W3C Widgets