The “Debug Menu” and the new weekly

Today we are releasing the ‘Debug Menu’ targeted at all you web developers out there. This menu is meant to complement Opera Dragonfly and provide web developers with a better experience with performing common tasks.

The goal of the debug menu is to bring developer specific functionality already present in the browser in one place, further enhanced with some extra features and reference materials.

Extra features include:
<ul class="bullets"><li> Open Opera Dragonfly (you might find this easier, instead of going to tools->advanced->developer tools every time you want to open Opera Dragonfly)</li><li> Validate HTML5</li><li> Validate CSS2.1 and CSS3</li><li> Get an Accessibility and Section 508 report.</li><li> Check for broken links.</li><li> Check how your page will display in Opera Mini</li><li> Check the rendering mode of your page</li><li> Reload all images (without reloading the page).</li><li> Check Alexa rank and traffic analysis</li><li> Documentation on HTML4.01, CSS2.1, XPath, XSLT and Unicode.</li><li> Check WHOIS information</li></ul>
How to install
Just click here to download the Menu.

It should be used in Opera 9.5. You can download Opera 9.5 from here.

Customize and build on it

Check out the links below on how to make your own .ini file for a custom menu. You can use the same information to edit this .ini file and add/remove/change the settings.

You are not limited by just this Menu. You can download other toolbars, menus and setups as well, that are made by Opera fans.

Have fun with the menu!

Newest Opera Dragonfly Weekly now live
You can download build 08-06-09-15-30. Bug fixing was the major focus of this weekly release, and here is changelog detailing all the fixes.

One of the major changes is that now Opera Dragonfly can remember its state. Attached or detached.

As mentioned in previous posts as well, automatically updated weekly builds can be found at Update the URL by going to Opera:Config -> Developer Tools -> Developer Tools URL . This way you can always automatically get the latest updates.