UK University Tour: Web Standards for the Future

Last week I was privileged to talk to students at several UK universities and present on Web Standards, why they're vital for cross-device development, accessibility and keeping the Web genuinely world-wide, as well as give a preview of some emerging standards like HTML 5. Thanks to all who came to listen, asked questions and came for a beer afterwards, and to all the lecturers who invited and welcomed us.

A zip of the Opera Show presentation "Web Standards for the Future" (ZIP 4.6 MB) is available for your viewing pleasure, although to see the examples of the video element, you'll need the "All Together Now" preview video build of Opera.

My friend Chris Mills has given a customised version that expands more on mobile development (ZIP 4.5 MB).

Lecturers and students are welcome to post these on Intranets, departmental or computer science club sites.

Those who were interested in the content about the mobile web in the developing world may be interested in "Eyes on Africa", our report which shows mobile web use in Africa has grown by 558% between September 2007 and September 2008, as well as our other mobile web reports.