Updated Web Fonts Support in Opera 10.5 Snapshot Build

Back when Opera 10 came out on September 1st last year, we wrote that, while Opera had @font-face support, specifying different weights and styles for a single font-family name was not working: only the last font specified (typically an italic/bold variant) would be applied, thereby overriding other weights and styles of that font family.

Fixing this issue took us a bit longer than originally expected (ahem), but I'm happy to announce that a much improved Web Fonts implementation has landed in the latest Opera 10.5 snapshot!

You can see the result for yourself by loading this fine Web Font demo in Opera 10.10 and compare it with today's 10.5 snapshot: all showcases now work as intended. Also pages like this classic example now don't need the occasional refresh before they are displayed correctly.

Feel free to share your Web Fonts based design in the comments! And of course, in case you find a bug, please report it via our Bug Wizard.