WDS08, WebJam 8 and WSG Meetup

A quick wrap-up post about Web Directions South 2008 and WebJam 8 in Sydney as well as the Web Standards Group meetup in Melbourne that Chaals, Lachy and I had the pleasure to attend and present at. Long overdue, I know, but then again, most of the presentations were only uploaded in the course of this week. A quick overview.

Morning view of Darling Harbour

Web Directions South 2008 presentations and podcasts can be found on the WDS08 Podcasts, slides and other presentation materials page. There are of course lots of pictures on Flickr - I've posted mine online too.

WebJam 8 presentations of 3 minutes each are available on Viddler. Chaals did an intro to Opera Dragonfly, I showcased some of the experimental web technologies inside Opera 9.5/6 (better Builder AU video). Flickr user Halans (and fellow Belgian) has posted some excellent shots of the event, and there is more at ZDNet.

Matthew Magain and the great folks of the Web Standards Group set up a fine last minute gig in downtown Melbourne, where we talked about "accessibility, standards, and the future of the Web" - check out this cool pic of Chaals remotely altering the CSS on my Opera instance through Opera Dragonfly and Scope. And of course, lots of demos were shown (some of them courtesy of my code loving Opera colleagues Erik, Shwetank and others): I've uploaded them to a public folder, so feel free to poke around. You'll need our experimental video build for some of the demos. Enjoy!