Welcome to the Opera Developer Network

Now that the developer relations team at Opera has grown from its humble beginnings, it is about time that we have a combined voice. This blog is the first stage of the Opera Developer Network (or ODIN for short), which will be an umbrella for all of our developer-focused activities. My team will use this blog to share their wisdom, report on industry news, discuss new techniques and let you know what is going off in the world of Opera. Many of us already have our own blogs, and we’ll try to make sure that they’ll continue as before.

We have a wide range of skills in the team, and each member will introduce themselves as they post. You can check out the ODIN team members in the menu above. You’ll probably recognise some names. We look forward to bringing you engaging content and help you with any issues you may have in the range of Opera browsers.

Currently ODIN groups together a number of properties and products that Opera provides:

  • Open the Web – web standards and compatibility activism
  • Dev Opera - web development articles based on web standards
  • Opera Labs - experimental Opera products and technologies
  • WSC - the Opera Web Standards Curriculum
  • Opera Dragonfly - Opera’s developer tools

We hope to add more as time goes on, such as overviews of what the Opera Core rendering engine supports, and different Opera technologies that relate to developers and designers. The main reason that ODIN exists is to help you as a designer or developer, so if there is anything you think Opera can provide that will help developing with Opera easier , or you just think it would be cool to have, then leave a note in the comments.