What’s New in Opera Development Snapshots: 28 September 2011 Edition

The biggest news for this snapshot is that your users will no longer see an XML screen of death and instead it will be rendered to the error console.

As usual, your Opera Next should already have this update (checking opera:about should give you "Presto/2.9.211 Version/12.00" under Browser Identification) (or you can download it from the blogpost linked above).

  • Rejoice! No more XML death notifications!

    Andreas wrote in detail what this means. At Opera, we loves us some HTML5. (After all, we started it!) One of the design principles behind HTML5 is web users shouldn't see authoring errors. So now, even with XML errors, they won't.

  • rem unit!

    Finally! Yay! You can now use the rem unit! Jonathan Snook has a great article explaining what it is and why this unit is useful. See it in action with our CSS rem unit example. This update also fixes some other bugs in CSS units which make it easier to use decimals in your calculations (300.3333333333333 anyone?)

  • Add/Remove EventListener's capture now defaults to false

    You typically add/remove an event listener with addEventListener(type, listener, capture); in your code. If capture is omitted, the browser should use the value of false. Opera was not adding/removing event listeners which lacked the value of capture, but it does so now. Here is a testcase.

  • Please do try it out and let us know if any of these do not work for you, or any other suggestions you might have!