Why Is Opera Mini Booming in Indonesia?

It's not just Opera Mini, but the whole Mobile Web.

As shown by State of the Mobile Web Report, Indonesians' average page view is 400 odd pages and they also enjoy the second biggest Opera Mini user base after Russia.

So why is the Mobile Web booming?

  1. Cheap access. There are more than 10 telcos pitting against each other and each one offers good pricing. On average you pay about USD0.10/Mb.
  2. Bad landlines. The Mobile Web is the perfect substitution for an unsatisfactory landline experience.
  3. The Berry factor. The mass appeal for BlackBerry and its push email application meant that going online became part of the "Berry craze".
  4. Traffic jams. During rush hour, what better to do than to surf the web?

I've presented the case in The New Wave of Mobile Internet, Universitas Krisdwipayana and the FreSh forum.

Here are the slides for the mobile browser trends and the boom in Indonesia.